PAKISTAN ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND DISTRICT BRANCH BAHAWALNAGAR is a well thought-out, renowned and registered body of the blind themselves, working for the welfare and betterment of the blind community in District Bahawalnagar.

Background & Formation

By the grace of Almighty Allah and with sincere efforts of few blind persons including Mr. Glam Murtaza
was established and founded in 1995 captioned as ” PAKISTAN ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND DISTRICT BRANCH BAHAWALNAGAR”

Objectives & Mission

To organize the blind people on one plate form to enable them socially and economically to lead a prosperous life on the basis of self help.


When the Fatima plaza was provided by the municipal committee in which the head office of the association was formed on October 1996. A center named “Al-Mahfooz Markaz Braay Nabina” was also developed for the providing rehabilitation services to the blind persons.

Future Plans

In the futuristic point of view , after the acquisition of land , there is a plan to form a school for the blind children from primary level to higher secondary level which consist of all the facilities like…

Need Donations

We need donations for completing our future plans. Give donation and help us to provide more services to special persons in our society. We accept all kinds of donations like, Zakat, Sadqa, fidia, Kaffara, Chanda

Appeal for donation

Donation Appeal

Appeal for donation

Ongoing Projects

Construction of the Building of Association

By the grace of Allah Almighty the new building of institute is under construction. The first phase of the construction has been completed in December 2016. This included four class-rooms, main gate, the distemper-work, electric wiring and the boundary wall of this fifteen Marla plot.

By the Grace of Allah Almighty the second phase of construction has been completed in December 2017. This includes main hall with gate, two hostel rooms, guest room, staff room, Principal office, two wash rooms, stairs, Cover wall, marble floor, electric wires and stage.

The third phase of the construction will be invited soon including wash room block and tuff tiles in yard of the building.


The well to do and generous people are appealed to contribute whole heartedly to this noble cause.

Map Of School